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Equality Virginia Issues Call for Action

February 1, 2010

The following is an excerpt from the text of an action email from Equality Virginia to Virginia residents:

“Take a minute to read this alert, and then call your Virginia State Senator and ask him/her to vote for SB 66, which would protect all state employees from discrimination in the workplace. The vote will be in the next couple of days so it is important to call NOW, and to ask all of your friends and family to call, too!

This morning the Family Foundation sent out an email to its constituents and supporters urging them to contact their state Senators to ask them to vote no on SB 66. As usual, the Family Foundation’s rallying cry is that this is the “first time first time in Virginia history that sexual orientation would be elevated to a protected class.” About that, at least, they are right. Passage of this legislation would be historic.

Passage of SB 66 would not, however, be the radical step forward the Foundation suggests. Most Virginia businesses already protect GLBT employees from discrimination. This bill simply puts the state in line with the private sector, and ensures that Virginia state agencies and colleges and universities can be competitive when seeking to hire the best and brightest. […]

90% of Virginia voters believe that GLBT Virginians should not be discriminated against in the workplace. 86% of people who said that they supported the so-called marriage amendment (some of whom might even be members of the Family Foundation) say that they also support workplace nondiscrimination.”

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