The Stephens Project

StephensEstablished in Loving Memory of
Stephen H. Snell ‘66 (l) and Stephen E. Patrick ’90 (r)

Documenting history was a passion for Stephen Patrick. The director of the Bowie (Md.) Museums, Stephen was a dedicated professional who sought to educate others about preserving and understanding history; Stephen was a long-time board member of William & Mary GALA.

Creating and enriching community for others was a lifelong desire of Stephen Snell. The founder of William & Mary GALA, Stephen was a tireless champion and organizer in his efforts to serve both gay and lesbian students and alumni.

These two gentlemen are forever linked by their love and dedication to the College of William & Mary, an institution permanently changed by their devotion and commitment to leaving a legacy for the generations of students that will grace its sacred grounds.

The Stephen Project seeks to document the stories of the lives of William & Mary gay and lesbian alumni, faculty, staff, and students. It is a long range (multi-year) gay and lesbian oral history project which will record the personal experiences of individuals while concentrating on their college years. The project will focus on recalling what gay and lesbian life was like at that time at William & Mary, coming out stories during the college years, the impact of being gay or lesbian at William & Mary on one’s post college life, experiences related to William & Mary GALA, Inc., and other memories relative to William & Mary life.

The Stephens leave a legacy of documenting the history and the community that is W & M GALA, and the College of William & Mary. Consequently, many generations of students and scholars may learn from, and be enriched by, the experiences of others. The Stephen Project is that legacy which ties the past with the present in order to transform the future.

It was Stephen Snell’s wish to establish the W&M GALA Oral History Project in conjunction with Swem Library at his beloved College of William & Mary. Contributions may be made in the Stephens’ memory to the W&M GALA Oral History Project (Allocation #3168) at The College of William & Mary Foundation, PO Box 1693, Williamsburg, VA 23187-8779.

Visit the Stephens Project website at Swem Library. 

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