Homecoming 2011 – Silver Anniversary Celebrations

Photos from Friday Evening’s Birthday Party and Reception in the Botetourt Gallery at the Earl Gregg Swem Library, and Saturday Evening’s Cocktail Hour and Banquet in The Sir Christopher Wren Building.

What is a birthday party without a cake? And GALA had a big one ready for the Friday night reception at Swem Library. Photo: Margaret Cook

GALA President Wayne Curtis starts the evening’s events from the Botetourt Gallery’s stairs. Photo: Margaret Cook

Dean of University Libraries Carrie Cooper welcomes GALA to Swem. Photo: Margaret Cook

Every past GALA president in attendance on Friday night assisted Wayne Curtis in cutting the cake. From left, Steven Murden, Frank Edwards, and Michael Pemberton. Photo: Margaret Cook

The Great Hall Banquet tables are laid, ready for the evening's celebration. Photo: Margaret Cook

The live centerpieces added great color to the Hall’s walnut-paneled walls. Photo: Margaret Cook

A program for each place setting. Photo: Margaret Cook

Before the Banquet, Cocktail Hour in the President’s Gallery on the Wren Building’s second floor. Photo: Margaret Cook

The Cocktail Hour passageway was full of good spirits. Photo: Margaret Cook

Professor George Greenia, circulating at Cocktail Hour. Photo: Margaret Cook

Lambda Alliance co-chairs Cody Sigmon (l) and Cassie Cole (c) and Student Assembly member Kim Greene (r) were GALA's guests for the evening. Photo: Margaret Cook

Student representatives welcome President Reveley (l) and Rector Trammell. Photo: Margaret Cook

GALA President Curtis (r) makes a point to Rector Trammell (c) and President Reveley (l). Photo: Margaret Cook

The diners take their seats for the start of the evening. Photo: Margaret Cook

GALA President Curtis began the program with a lighthearted view of why it took GALA 25 years to make it to the Great Hall. Photo: Margaret Cook

Rector of the College Jeff Trammell receives a Certificate of Appreciation. Photo: Margaret Cook

President Reveley begins the evening reflecting on the history being made in Wren. Photo: Margaret Cook

Past GALA President Steven Murden presenting Certificates of Appreciation. Photo: Margaret Cook

Past Dean of University Libraries, Connie McCullough, receiving her Certificate. Photo: Margaret Cook

GALA President Curtis presenting a Certificate to Professor Greenia. Photo: Margaret Cook

The capacity crowd seated in the Great Hall, under the watchful eyes of alumni John Marshall and Thomas Jefferson. Photo: Margaret Cook

Directors’ Cup recipient Gary Cowling receiving his engraved Jefferson Goblet. Photo: Margaret Cook

Directors' Cup recipient Gary Cowling making a few remarks after the presentation of the award. Photo: Margaret Cook

Thanks to the A/V technicians, diners were able to watch the newly-released video history of GALA and clips of Gary Cowling’s TV and movie roles. Photo: Margaret Cook
Recent graduate Ben Boone closed the evening with his reflections on the future of GALA and a celebratory toast. Photo: Margaret Cook
All assembled, toasting GALA’s future at the end of the Banquet. Photo: Margaret Cook
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